Way of the brewer is often painful and difficult. Demanding consumers expect him each and every time to conjure that well-known flavor which makes their favorite drink so irresistible. To transform barley which sprouted on fields into the malt and treat it with water which forced its way up to the surface from the depths of the earth. To add the right amount of hop and to mold everything into a harmonious masterpiece. No wonder he must be a skilled craftsman who is bursting with creativity and wit.


Do you play with ideas to brew your own beer? Did you find yourself on the verge of a decision whether to take this adventurous and captivating journey? Be brave! Beer brewing is an opportunity to create an original product, give it an unmistakable hallmark, and provide your customers with a genuine experience no matter if they come from near surroundings or from far away. It is also an opportunity to create something that has the potential to grow into a true symbol of your municipality, city or region.


We bring economic solution with guarantee of a high standard. During production we put emphasis on precision and details. All main components of the equipment as well as all the piping and fittings are made of a food grade steel AISI 304. The side components such as insulation jackets and supports are made of technical grade steel AISI 201. The manufacturer is holder of CE certificate which ensures compliance with European Union standards and smooth deployment of the equipment within the food processing industry in the EU.


We offer you certified equipment that meets European Union standards for use in the food processing industry but it is manufactured outside the EU by our manufacturer located in Ukraine. Low price demands on equipment manufacturing contribute to exceptionally favorable price for you as the end customer. Can you imagine that you would be able to brew beer without fully automated process? You do not mind turning a valve on and off by your hands occasionally? Would you like to be able to say I brewed this beer myself and not a computer did?


We can customize equipment set up to best fit your requirements. When designing a solution we take into account various criteria such as planned annual production, types of beer that you intend to brew, your space possibilities. It is possible to add additional vessels to basic brewhouse models to facilitate and streamline the brewing process. When composing the configuration of tanks is possible to use a wide range of types, volumes, and ways of placement. Do you need to add a unique components according to your own design?